What are Different Types of Casement Window Hardware?

  • Beginner

Casement window hardware is used to aid in the proper operation of your casement window. Casement windows can be found in different locations around the home. They are often found in kitchens, above the sink, and along with multiple window designs (such as you would find with bay windows). They are easy to operate and pretty to look at. Below are a couple of different window casement hardware components.

Crank Operator

The crank operator is used to open and close the casement window. In order to get fresh air into your home, you will need to use the crank operator and turn it clockwise to open and counterclockwise to close. The crank operator can be replaced on your casement window if it stops working. The operator comes in many different styles, colors, and finishes.

Casement Window Adjusters

The adjusters come in different lengths. You can usually purchase the hardware in at least 3 different lengths to accommodate different casement window sizes. Pay attention when you purchase the adjuster so that it fits with the type of window operation on the casement window. For example, a rod may only work with windows that swing outward and not inward. Review the packaging.