What Are Dimensional Shingles?

The use of dimensional shingles on your home can create a unique and interesting look for your roof that provides a nice change from the usual 3-tab shingle look. Dimensional shingles are also defined as architectural shingles. Many new modern homes will be built with dimensional shingles to give the home a more modern, unique and expensive look. Standard 3-tab shingles, which were used in many of the homes built in the 1990’s, have a rather boring look compared to the many different styles offered in the dimensional line. Dimensional shingles can be purchased in many different designs and shapes and often give the look of a shake roof.


Dimensional shingles are created by fusing two shingles together. The end result is a unique 3 dimensional appearance. These shingles are thicker than the standard 3-tab and offer replacement ranges of up to 40 years. They also provide a higher degree of fire resistance.

Installation and Expense

When using standard 3-tab shingles, the ends of the shingles and the tabs must be lined up all the way to the peak. With dimensional shingles, this is not the case and placement is much easier. Dimensional shingles are ordinarily more expensive. The shingles can give your home extra safety and value while contributing to a better looking, higher quality roof.