What Are Downspout Screens?

Downspout screens are filters that attach to gutter downspouts to block leaves and other debris from entering.

What Downspouts Do

The downspout is a main piece of a gutter installation. The gutter troughs run around the edge of a roof. The troughs drain into a central downspout, often located at a corner of a building. The downspout is where all of the collected rainwater flows down to the ground.

Why Downspout Screens Are Important

If there are trees around, leaves or other large debris can get into the flow of water, clog up the downspout and cause inadequate vertical drainage. Downspout screens and filters prevent these problems.

Many of these downspout screens are designed to fit any kind of downspout. In fact, you can think of downspout screens as "aftermarket" additions that will ensure smooth drainage.

Using downspout screens also leads to less maintenance in the long term. Without screens, you may have to periodically take out downspouts and manually clean them. (Having screens may not totally eliminate this work.)

When Downspout Screens Don't Fix Your Problem

If existing problems don't go away after you install a screen or filter, contact a professional weatherization contractor. The contractor should be able to advise you on how to re-engineer your gutter system.