What Are French Patio Doors?

French patio doors are a pair of tall double doors with long window panels inset in the middle of each door. They are sometimes called French windows or casement doors.


French patio doors will generally stretch from floor to ceiling height, so they will need to have a weather strip at the bottom to stop rain water and drafts from coming through. They are designed so that the long glass panes, often known as lights, will let in as much natural light into your home as possible.

French Doors in the Home

French doors are often used to open up a room onto a patio or balcony. However they are often used inside the home too to link adjoining rooms and create a feeling of space and airiness. This is more desirable than having a solid wall.

Modern French Doors

The French door style has been adpated to give many options for your home. If you are purchasing French doors, you will find that they are available in a variety of designs. Rather than a simple inward or outward motion, doors are now manufactured to slide open, or open in a concertina fashion. This may suit you if you are lacking space in your house.