What Are Grade 8 Bolts?

When you have a project that needs a very strong bolt, grade 8 bolts should be the kind that you look for. Hex bolts, which are commonly used for mechanical type projects, are stamped with a grade that dictates the hardness of the bolt. A larger number means that the bolt is going to be quite strong. 

Grade 8 Bolts Are Not Steel

While they are a very hard metal bolts, grade 8 bolts are also not magnetized. When you are looking for a grade 8 bolt, you can easily find one if you have a magnet with you. If it is not attracted to the magnet, it is probably a grade 8 bolt. They are made of a carbon alloy, and many are made out of zinc and yellow zinc. 

Grade 8 Bolts Are Used in High Stress Applications

One of the things that make grade 8 bolts very useful is for the high tensile strength that it has. Many applications that involve high stress on the bolts will find a grade 8 bolt in use. Mostly used in military, aerospace, and marine type applications, you can use grade 8 bolts in DIY wind turbines or other areas where vibrations, weather, and stress are a part of the daily use. Besides the strength, they are also very rust resistant.