Common Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

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Vintage bathroom fixtures create a particular look and feel in the room. They imbue the space with an antique, old-world charm. Warm and inviting bathrooms that are designed in a vintage style typically feature highly-ornamental fixtures that are big on curves, decorative accents, and metallic or porcelain finishes.

Common Fixtures

Adorning a bathroom in a vintage style can be an all-encompassing task. From a clawfoot tub, sink, toilet, and vanity down to the hardware, a vintage touch can be applied across the board. Common vintage fixtures include towel racks, a toilet paper holder, light fixtures, shades, and faucets. Vintage tiles are great for lining showers, a countertop, and backsplash. Complete the look with a vintage door handle, single or double hook, and window dressing.