What Are the Advantages of Silk as Upholstery Fabric?

Silk upholstery fabric is the most luxurious, and expensive, way to cover a piece of furniture. Silk has a long history of use in clothing as well as upholstery. It is strong, and so nice to the touch that the phrase "smooth as silk" describes anything that feels good. It can be dyed with simple colors or elaborate patterns. Designs can be embroidered onto it. Silk is a beautiful fabric that enhances any piece of furniture on which it is used.


Silk is recommended for people with allergies. It is processed with water, steam, and heat. No chemicals are used. It is made to protect the silkworm larva while it pupates, so it resists natural threats that could harm the larva. Dust mites don't like to live in silk. Fungus and mold can't grow in it. It resists dirt and odor.

Long Lasting

Silk is strong and will last many years if it is treated properly. It's main enemy is sunlight, so it should be kept where the sun won't fade its colors and damage the fibers. It should be cleaned gently and without strong chemicals. If these precautions are taken, silk upholstery fabric should look beautiful and stay strong for years, even decades.