What are the Advantages to Using Redwood for Your Log Furniture?

When building log furniture, you have a great number of woods to choose from including cherry, oak, birch, pine, cedar and redwood just to name a few. Some are hardwoods while others are soft, and prices varies greatly. Before deciding, consider using the prince of the softwoods, also known as redwood. 

Advantages to Using Redwood for Furniture

Redwood is one of the most beautiful woods available for use in furniture. Its rich, red color creates visually stunning tables, chairs and benches. Redwood is extremely durable. It is weather resistant as well as being termite resistant which makes it a good choice for outdoor furniture. Perhaps its greatest quality, though, is its reluctance to shrink and decay as it ages. While other woods will turn brittle and crack after time, redwood retains its moisture and stays vibrant longer. 


The disadvantages to redwood are its softness which makes it prone to denting. It is also fairly expensive, especially for premium vertical grain or “All Heart” redwood. In addition, high-quality, stainless steel fasteners must be used with redwood. Otherwise you could stain the wood by using cheaper fasteners. 

There are many woods with which to make furniture. Considering the advantages of redwood, though, its selection should be a foregone conclusion.