Brief Advice on Using Vintage Tiles in Your Bathroom

tile bathroom

Creating a vintage bathroom involves not only large items like the tub, sink ,and toilet, but also well as the full assortment of fixtures. Vintage tiles create a certain look. Typically made of porcelain, vintage tiles come in all manner of designs, colors, and degrees of ornamentation. If you're looking for a vintage style, there are tiles to suit all tastes.

Vintage Tiles in the Bathroom

There are several areas in the bathroom ideally suited to tile work. The countertop and backsplash surrounding the sink is one, although the sink in your vintage bathroom may be a freestanding bowl. Another great place for vintage tiles are the walls and floor of the shower. Tiles on the main floor are a nice touch. A decorative pattern along the wall such as a recessed strip within the wainscoting is yet another option.