What are the Parts of a Raised Floor Tile

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Raised floor tile is part of a system that allows cables and sometimes heating and air conditioning to run under the floor that people walk on. This eliminates safety hazards and also makes the cables less likely to be damaged. Maintenance is easy because the tiles in the floor can be pulled up to work on the systems underneath. Raised floors are also called access floors. This type of floor is commonly used in data centers and other parts of office buildings.


Raised floor tiles are usually made of steel, with light cement on top. Aluminum and PVC is sometimes part of the construction of these tiles. Steel legs keep the tiles off the lower floor. The system is sometimes designed to eliminate static, especially in computer rooms where static can damage the equipment. Sometimes carpet is glued to the tiles, and other carpet designs involve squares of carpet that can be pulled up before pulling up the tiles. Carpets also deaden sounds, so the work environment is more pleasant.

Access to cables and HVAC systems under the floor reduces the cost and time involved in maintenance and renovations. All the parts fit together to create a system that is easy to work with.