What are Transmission Repair Kits?

If you have a problem with your transmission and it is in need of a repair, you can opt to buy a transmission repair kit. Many people choose to rebuild their own transmissions because it will save money. Consumers can save hundreds of dollars when they choose this route.

The kits have all of the parts that you will need to repair or rebuild part of your transmission. You will be able to find kits that offer the parts that you need to take care of a variety of repairs. Manufacturers offer basic kits that contain all the parts you will need for most vehicles.

What Types of Kits are Available?

You will also be able to purchase specialty kits that provide the parts you need to rebuild the clutch system in a manual transmission. The basic kits include gaskets, clutches, seals, replacement springs, metal pressure places and a transmission filter. You can find these kits through the manufacturers.

You will be able to purchase refresher kits through stores in your area. These kits include everything except for the springs and the plates.

It is also possible to find specialty kits for high performance transmissions. Many of the high performance kits on the market include the shift kit, stronger clutches and added clutch plates.

With more and more cars now utilizing on-board computer technology, you can also find kits that will allow you to reprogram the computer in your vehicle. You will be able to alter the timing of when the gears automatically change. This can boost the performance of your vehicle, and it can save money on fuel.

Can You Perform the Repairs on Your Own?

If you have a good working knowledge of vehicles and transmissions, you can buy the kit and take care of all of the repairs yourself. When choosing to rebuild the transmission on your own, you should have a manual that explains how to put the transmission together. Many rebuild manuals are available. Be certain that you choose the manual that matches the type of transmission and kit that you choose for your car.

Buy the Right Kit

When you purchase your transmission repair kit, be sure that you buy the correct one for your particular vehicle. Buy the kit from a specialized dealer or auto supply store so that you can be sure you are getting quality parts for your transmission.

Find a Professional if You Need Help

Those who do not have the capability or the proper tools to repair the transmission on his or her own can still buy the kits and provide them to a mechanic. You may find that buying the kit, rather than having the mechanic order the part for you, will save you some money. That way, you will only have to pay for the cost of labor at the shop. Before buying the kit, however, you should contact the shop and ask them what they pay for the parts. Only buy the kit if that is the cheapest way to get the parts you need.