What Barn Door Hardware You Need?

a stack of hay inside a barn with the door open

When installing a barn door there are several pieces of barn door hardware required in order to make a secure, working entryway to your barn. The type of hardware you need will depend on the type of barn door being installed, but here are some general guidelines.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Sliding barn doors sit on a track, on which they glide horizontally. This is a popular style due to its ability to open up a greater area of the barn for storage because space doesn't need to be cleared to allow the doors to swing inward. For repair or installation of this type of barn door, you need a track, two rolling sliders per door, and a handle. The track is attached to the frame above the door and the slider is attached to the door itself. The door is then hung from the track.

Swinging Barn Door

The swinging barn door is the traditional style. For this type of barn door you need two or more interlocking door hinges for each door, four steel pins, two interlocking frame hinges for each door, and a handle. In this style, the door hinges are attached to the door and the frame hinges are attached to the barn. Steel pins are used to hold the two hinges together.