What Causes a Washer Agitator to Stop Working?

There are brands and models that use washer agitator. These types of washing machines have a plastic rod that rotates to spin the laundry. Constant and frequent using of such laundry equipment can cause the agitator to develop faults or even get damaged.

Check Circuit Breaker

When the washer agitator doesn’t spin as fast as it is required then the problem could be as a result of poor electric connection. Check if the circuit breaker, plugs and turn on buttons are in good condition. Find out if the timer is working properly.

Problems with Drive Belts

If the electric connection is in good condition and the agitator still won’t spin laundry then check the drive belts. Find out if they are broken, loose or cut. If there are damaged and cannot work properly then have them replaced. Drive belts that are in perfect condition can be tightened to restore the good condition of the agitator.

Problems with the Motor

Check also the state of the motor. If it is not spinning then the washer agitator won’t work properly. Repair the problem to fix weak movements or if the agitator only spins in one direction.