What Causes Silver Oxide and How to Remove It

Silver Oxide formation on is the most common problem faced by owners of silver jewelry. The formation of silver oxide on jewelry is also known as tarnish and can make the silver look black and lose its smooth texture. Learning about its causes and how to remove it is very important.


Silver oxide is caused usually by natural gases in the atmosphere. It is mainly caused when silver comes in contact with Hydrogen Sulphide. Although anything with sulphur in it can cause silver oxide, living in areas with air that has large amounts of hydrogen sulphide can be a major cause. Also, when silver jewelry comes in contact with foods that contain sulphur like eggs and onions, it can tarnish very easily. 


Silver Oxide can be removed very easily at home. All you need is some foil, boiling water in a dish, salt and your tarnished jewelry. When combined together, the salt and boiling water help remove the silver oxide from silver products and the foil helps gives back the shine. Wiping the jewelry with a soft cloth can then help it retain its smooth texture.