What does a Socket Set Consist of?

A socket set that is worth the money you spend on it should contain a full spectrum of socket sizes, drivers, wrenches, ratchets and extenders. The components should be made from high-tensile steel designed for any job you have for them, whether it is automotive or home improvement work.

Most good socket sets come with at least 40 parts. In addition to a high-quality carrying case that keeps the set neatly organized, a socket set should have:

  • 2 ratchets of different sizes
  • 2 to 8 extenders
  • Full range of metric drivers
  • Full range of standard drivers
  • An assortment of open-end wrenches

Ratchets should come in different sizes for the wide variety of bolts you will encounter, some large, others small. Extenders increase the reach of the driver for those hard-to-reach bolts. Therefore, there should be a variety of sizes. A socket set should contain both metric and standard drivers for all types of bolts. Standard drivers should start at 3/16 inch and go up to at least 1 inch, while metric drivers range from 4 mm to 18 mm. Extenders should be provided for both metric and standard drivers. A couple of open-end wrenches are nice to have in the set as well to hold nuts while you remove the bolt.

A socket set should have at least 40 high-quality steel pieces including ratchets, metric and standard drivers and extenders and open-end wrenches in two or three sizes.