What Features to Look for in an Upholstery Cutting Table

An upholstery cutting table is an important part of any seamstresses workshop. Anyone who works with upholstered furniture will also want to have one of these. They are valuable, make it easier to measure and cut, and offer a way to store fabric. Here are the basics you should look for in a cutting table.

Table Height

An adjustable table is ideal. If this isn't an option, you will want to make sure you have a table that is comfortable for you to bend near for several hours. If it's too short, it's going to cause backaches. If it's too high, it will cause stress and fatigue in your arms and shoulders. The ultimate height will be 1 inch below your elbow when your arm is resting at your side.

Fabric Catch

A good cutting table will have a fabric catch on each side of the table. This will allow you to roll the material from the bolt without the bolt rolling onto the floor. The fabric catch will also help you with measurements. If the bolt slides off the table, it will pull the fabric down with it and cause the measurements to be skewed.


Another feature to look for is a table with padding at the sides. Padding on the table top itself won't do you much good, but the side padding will help your comfort levels when you need to lean up against the table for lengthy times.

Many people will choose to build their own table. This will allow you to custom design a table that will fit all your needs.