What Furniture Color is Recommended for Neutral Walls?

The furniture color you choose is important when creating a neutral room. If your walls are painted neutral colors, then the furniture should blend with them. Neutral wall colors with bold colored furniture would clash. There are a few options that would work best, and remember you can use different wood tones throughout the house. You don't have to choose just one furniture color.


White furniture looks great with neutral colors. It matches well and looks bright and clean. It makes the wall colors "pop", even though they are muted. The only disadvantage is keeping it clean.

Light to Medium Wood

Very dark wood is best saved for bright and bold wall colors. So for a neutral room, use light to medium stained wood. There are tons of options in these tones so you won't have any problem finding the perfect dining room set or bedroom set in these tones.


Black iron furniture will look nice when paired with neutral colors. You can find black iron headboards, coffee tables and hutches. Black iron is a classic look that will last forever.