What Furniture Color Is Recommended with Red Walls?

Red walls give a space definite character. To complete the room, you may become confused over the color choices for furniture. Here are a few ideas to help make your decision.

1 - Retro Black

In the Art Deco era, black and red were most often teamed together. You can use black furniture in your room for a classic retro design. It gives the allure of class.

2 - Bright White with Red

Bright white furniture really makes a red wall pop. White tables with a white sofa or chair offer a crisp, contemporary look.

3 - Green and Red

Green is opposite the color wheel from red, which makes it the complimentary color to red. Dark hunter green furniture will be harmonious with the strong color.

4 - Navy Blue With Red

Navy blue furniture will give a nautical feel to your room when paired with red walls. In addition to this theme, you can also use navy blue furniture for an Americana themed room.

5 - Red and Pink

Red walls paired with soft pink furniture looks great in a girl's room or a powder room. The pink will act as a complimentary color, giving the room a softer feel.