What Interior Car Upholstery Material is Most Durable?

If you are interested in making any changes to your interior car upholstery, knowing which upholstery material to select is very important. However, it can also be quite a complicated choice. Different upholstery materials have different features, which may translate into advantages or disadvantages, depending on the needs of you and your car. In any situation, the ability of your car's interior upholstery to resist all kinds of damage is important. In terms of durability, while different upholstery types may be good in different circumstances, some are better than others. The following should give you everything you need to know about the different types of interior upholstery, and which are the most durable.


Silk is not a very good choice for the interior of a car. It is vulnerable to ripping, wear, stains, and damage from exposure to light. Naturally, the interior of a car is exposed to a great deal of light, particularly if it is left parked outside on a regular basis. While it is an aesthetically pleasing choice, it should be avoided as a material to upholster the interior of a car.


Wool upholstery is slightly better than silk as a material to use in a car. It resists damage from wear much better, and also damage from stains. It even has some resistance to sunlight. However, it is still vulnerable to other problems. As non-synthetic fabrics go, however, wool is a very good upholstery material — it simply does not measure up to synthetics in terms of durability.


Leather upholstery is very commonly used as an interior material in cars. It tends to resist damage reasonably well. However, if it is damaged, it tends to be damaged badly. Leather upholstery can crack or chip if it is not cared for properly.

Leather can resist stains, but it will sometimes become stained anyway. When this happens, it is possible to clean the stains off. However, this is much more difficult than other materials, requiring special tools and supplies, and if done improperly can damage the leather.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is commonly used as an interior upholstery material for cars, and for good reason. Polyester is resistant to all kinds of damage that the interior of a car can be subjected to. It wears well, and is not vulnerable to sunlight. In addition, it is difficult to stain, and easy to clean.

While polyester has a distinct appearance that you may not like, it is often blended with other fabrics, giving it whatever appearance you prefer.

Other Considerations

While polyester is the most durable option for car upholstery, there are things other than material to consider. For example, color is important. Light colors will absorb much less heat and remain much cooler in the summer. In contrast, black upholstery will absorb a great deal of heat, and can be quite uncomfortable if left exposed to the summer sun.

Additionally, deciding whether to upgrade your car upholstery in the first place can be difficult. If you are wondering whether to upgrade, consider the time, effort, and money you could save on repairs, and decide which is more important to you.