What Is a Batten Board Wooden Window Shutter?

Man maintaining batten board shutters on a home
  • 1-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-1,000

Batten board wooden window shutters are specifically designed as exterior additions to new or old structures. They add value to a structure and they are perfect for functional use or decorative purpose. The shutters can be selected as customized fittings to suit unlimited styles and sizes.

Material for Batten Board Wood Shutters

They are commonly made from woods such as southern yellow pine, western red cedar, California redwood, cypress, rough sawn cedar, and extra composite. The high quality woods are used to produce both closed and open style shutters to match the style and character of the structure. The material can also be selected to complement the dominant weather or climatic condition in the area.

Style and Design

They are available as open and closed style shutters. Other common designs include standard open, standard closed, standard closed with additional batten, and standard closed with “Z” bar option.

Construction of Batten Board Shutters

Closed board batten shutters are made from vertical boards. The size of the boards vary depending on the particular wood used. The batts are glued together using polyurethane glue. Screws are used to attach the batts to a board. The construction and size of a batten board depends on the size of the window opening.

Finishing is applied as prime and paint, stain, or vanish to improve shutters’ appearance and also protect the wood from pests and environmental elements.