What is a Biometric Gun Safe and Why Use One?

A biometric gun safe or fingerprint gun safe does away with the use of keys or lock combinations. Rather, it uses biometrics for a more security. Biometrics is an unique way of identifying a trait that is unique to a specific person, like a fingerprint or pattern on the retina.The safe’s programming is designed to recognize only the person to whom the safe is registered to limit access to its contents.

Ways to Use Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are easy to use without going through the hassle of remembering a safe combination or keeping track of a key that might end get misplaced or duplicated. To open it, just place the the registered fingerprints on the safe’s pad. The internal programming of the safe will verify the fingerprint and grant access. The recognition process of the safe takes only a couple of seconds to process, and its sensors are battery operated. Most biometric gun safes come with an AC adapter for backup power in case of battery failure.

Reliability of Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are very reliable when it comes to security and safety of your gun. This is because of the technology that only recognizes the fingerprint of the registered owner of the safe, and some can be set to allow multiple registered users.

For added security and safety and to prevent it from getting stolen together with the gun, most biometric safe owners have it mounted on a secure area or have it welded to immovable furniture.

Reasons to Use a Biometric Gun Safe

There may be a lot of reasons as to why people use a biometric gun safe, but the most popular reason is for safety of your gun. No other safe or vaults even come close to the foolproof access of this safe. Other standard safes that use keys can easily be picked or the keys can be  duplicated.

On the other hand, combination keys can also be decoded, and most of the time, the user may forget the combination. With a biometric gun safe, you won’t need any combinations to memorize or keys to keep. You just place your registered finger onto the security pad and open the safe goes.