What Is a Crown Canopy?

A crown canopy.

A crown canopy is a variation of the canopy traditionally seen on four-post or canopy beds. While a traditional canopy involves fabric draping down on each side of the bed, a crown canopy is a treatment, placed above the headboard, which produces the same effect.

Traditionally, the only way to achieve the softness and grandeur of a canopy was to purchase a canopy bed. If you already had a bed and didn’t want to incur the cost of buying a new, expensive bed, your dreams of a canopy simply had to wait. There are now a number of options available that will add the luxurious sophistication of a canopy to your bedroom without having to buy a new bed.

Fabric Crown Canopy

A fabric crown canopy is constructed out of wood and fabric. Some crown canopies will start at the ceiling and drape all the way to the floor. These canopies are usually built from a ceiling box, a small wooden frame outlining the placement of the new fixture as well as creating a foundation and may include crown molding as an embellishment. Others will begin in the middle of the wall and are generally built around a wooden box, similar to a window box used to create a balanced window treatment attached to the desired location with brackets.

In either case, large gathers of fabric hang down from behind the wood construction on curtain rods and create a sumptuous focal point. A fabric crown canopy project can usually be completed in one day and doesn’t require a large budget. The necessary hardware and tools can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Resin Crown Canopy

A resin crown canopy is one that is constructed of highly durable resin. These canopies are usually very intricate. Many of them are actually fashioned into crowns fit for a king. The level of detail found in this type of crown canopy ranges from softly swirled to highly intricate, incorporating gold leafing, metallic paints, and faux jewels. The resin allows for the canopy to take on the appearance of aged Italian plaster, antique royal jewelry, or futuristic steel sculpture. As with the fabric canopy, curtain rods are placed behind the fixture to allow for the addition of fabric panels. These canopies are usually more expensive than the fabric variety and are most readily available online from specialty retailers.

Wood Crown Canopy

Wood crown canopies are usually semi-circle shaped pieces of work with detailed edges. Much like the resin crown canopy, the wood crown canopy is attached to the wall in front of a curtain rod. Wood crown canopies usually require a curved curtain rod because of their rounded shape. These canopies are usually very detailed.

Custom paint and monogram styling are most common on these canopies. You will find that these canopies are usually geared more towards girls aged 5 to 15 years old. The canopies are often times embellished with bows, ribbons, and other ultra-feminine details. These canopies are moderately priced; however, they are usually more expensive than the fabric canopies. Online retailers carry the largest selection of wood crown canopies and many online retailers offer custom details free of charge.