What Is a Mudroom?

a Mudroom with white cabinets

A mudroom may have different uses and perks for different families. However, most mudrooms are used for common things. Some families use a mudroom simply to store or clean shoes thoroughly before entering the home. On the other hand, some families use mudrooms to store shoes, coats, backpacks or hats and mittens. A family mudroom can also be used for storing items that are commonly carried out of the house. Car keys, brief cases, outgoing mail and many other items may be kept in this space. Consider the following uses for a mudroom and the ways that this room can make your life much simpler.

Keep Outside Mud and Dirt Out

The first use for a mudroom is to keep mud and debris out of your home or living spaces. In the winter or spring, keeping mud or slush out of your carpet can be a challenge. When you have a mudroom you can easily prevent shoes from carrying mud into your carpeted areas. By removing shoes in the mudroom your carpet will stay clean much longer. In the long run a mudroom can save you thousands of dollars. Think of how much money you will save on carpet cleaning alone. In addition, your indoor floor coverings will last much longer when they are not exposed to dirt, rocks caught in the tread of your shoes, or scuff marks left by dress shoes.

Organize Your Morning Routine

If you have ever slept through the alarm and rushed out the door for work you know how hectic it can be to find all of your morning items. When you add children to the scenario your morning routine can get even more hectic. Even if you have plenty of time in the morning there is a good chance that something has gone missing. The notorious missing backpack or scarf can cause a morning meltdown that quickly dampens your day. A well designed mudroom can help you to organize all of these items. With the inclusion of coat racks, shoes trees, and baskets you can quickly find everything you and your children need in the morning. Store keys, bags, coats, shoes, scarves and gloves in this space and everyone will be out the door in record time.

Mudroom Designs

There are several options for designing and decorating a mudroom in your home. Most people think of a dark, dirty room when imagining a mudroom. However, that does not have to be the case. You can easily create a mudroom that will be functional and beautiful. The first thing to consider when designing this room is cleanliness. Forget the carpet and install an easy to clean surface such as tile or linoleum. Cover your walls with washable paint or washable wall board. Once you have a room that is easy to clean you can decorate it with a variety of baskets, wooden storage spaces, and antique benches. Spice up the room with fun pictures or antiques, such as shoe horns and you can create an inviting and functional space at the entrance of your home.