What is a Permit Expediter?

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Let's face it, navigating the paperwork required by your cities’ planning department can be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive mission. A permit expediter is a consultant who helps to maneuver permit requests. These consultants are professionals within the industry who work to make the process of applying for a permit less confusing. Though an expediter will not physically speed up the process, they will make the process work as efficiently as possible.

For $40-50 per hour, they will carry your plans through plan check and other planning counters. There are different typed of expeditors: some of these consultants will help you to research and prepare your case. There are others who only do research. In those cases you will still have to physically submit the files yourself.

official stamping a permit document

The type of help you need will depend on how complicated your permit issues are and what you can afford. If your project is fairly straight forward, you may not need an expediter or consultant at all. If your project is more complicated, however, paying up front to avoid potentially costly mistakes or delays could help to save you time and money in the long run.