What is a Pier Foundation?

A home's foundation.

A pier foundation is built several feet above the ground. It is supported by pillars and posts. This type of foundation is commonly found in buildings around coastal areas. One of its main features is that it lifts the house above the ground. It makes it a popular design around coastal regions as it prevents damage to the structure in the event of flooding.

Less Labor and Materials

There are benefits associated with building houses using pier foundations. It requires less labor due to the quantity and materials needed for installation. This helps to cut down on costs. The design of the foundation protects the house from potential damages in the event of flooding.

Allows Wide Range of Designs

This design makes it possible to use a wide range of materials. It is possible to select such items based on cost in case it is necessary to stick within a specified budget. There are different materials that can be used depending on their aesthetic value and functionality.

Consider Extra Costs

Factor in costs associated with insulating the house once the job is done. It is important to insulate and seal the floor. This can be done on the walls and roof as well. This can come in as an extra cost and it is important to factor it in the budget. Insulating the floor keeps the house warm while sealing safeguards the building materials from attacks from insects or pests.