What is a Portable Bug Zapper?

If you are allergic to bugs, or are just scared of them, a portable bug zapper may be the item for you. Zappers are particularly useful for camping trips. You can find one at your local camping store.  The choices can be expansive; here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Zapper Basics

A portable bug zapper is basically a machine that you can carry around with you wherever you expect to have problems with bugs.  The zappers attract bugs around you and kill them on contact. They will generally come in the form of a regular lantern, but some of them can come in other forms, such as a fly swatter. You can use them to kill flies and scorpions or spiders.

Using a Zapper

The only way to use a zapper is to keep it with you at all times. It is recommended to keep new batteries with you as well. If you have a swatter bug zapper, you can use it to attack the bugs and bring the electricity to them. However, the zappers are designed to attract the bugs and should do the work themselves.  Place the bug zappers in an open location and leave them alone, they should work just fine.