What Is a Rubber Mallet?

A rubber mallet is a general use tool which can be used for many different jobs. They are much lighter and cheaper than metal mallets and are much safer to use. A rubber mallet is the most commonly used for impacting on another object.


The structure of a rubber mallet is very simple. A large piece of condensed and molded rubber is attached to the top of a wooden handle. The rubber is strong and firm which helps provide extra power and strength upon impact with various surfaces without causing excessive damage to the item you are hitting.

General Uses

A rubber mallet has many uses. They can be used to even out dents in metal because they don't leave any marks. They are also used in construction to force tight fitting parts together. They can be used to secure parts in upholstery into place and are even handy for a number of peculiar tasks such as breaking in a wooden baseball bat.


The advantages of a rubber mallet are huge. Firstly, a rubber mallet will weigh much less than a metal alternative. They can weigh anything in the region of 12 to 28 ounces. This makes them easier to use. Rubber mallets are also widely accessible and are often preferred because they don't cause as much damage to a secondary object during use.