What Is a Salt Water Pool Generator?

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One way to help combat the harmful chemicals that are added to a pool is with a salt water pool generator. During the summer, pools are a great way to keep cooled off, have friends over, and just hang out. Pools need to be kept sparkling clean with the use of additives.

These additives, like chlorine, combat the growth of algae and mold that can easily begin to grow in the water if left unattended. Using a salt water generator can minimize the use of this chlorine agent to make your pool water much healthier to swim in.

Popular Alternative

For many years, salt water pools have been used in Europe and other parts of the world. They are popular because of the increasing allergic reactions to heavily chlorinated water and the rising costs of these chemicals. It wasn't until recently they have become popular in the United States. Because of the increasing demand for salt water pool generators, more pool suppliers have begun offering them.

A Chlorine Substitute

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The salt water pool generator is an alternative to using a lot of chlorine. It must be understood that it does not get rid of the need for some chlorine in your pool. While there is still a need for the chlorinated chemical, it is drastically reduced. The salt water system can take care of a lot of the algae build up.

Generates Chlorine Itself

A benefit of using a salt water pool generator is that you will not need to purchase any chlorine additives. The generator works by creating its own chlorine itself through the pool's water. This is done by adding in several pounds of salt to the water. A good rule of thumb is to use around 20 pounds of salt to every 1,000 pounds of water in the pool. As the salt travels through the salt water generator it produces chlorine for the pool to use.

Recycling Made Easy

The salt water pool generator is installed as a part of the overall pump and filter system on your pool. You do not need to get rid of the entire system in order to use the generator. The generator is installed after the filter and transforms the existing pool water—which has salt added—into chlorinated water. The salt then continues to pass through the system without the need to add more.

How Does It Work?

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As the pool water moves through the filtration system, it will come to the salt water pool generator. Once the water begins moving through the generator, it flows between two titanium plates that are electrically charged. As the salt water flows between these plates, a chemical reaction takes place to create pure chlorine and some hydrogen gas. The water flows into the pool to continue working against the build up of algae and other contaminants.

Not Salty Water

One worry that many people have is that the water will be as salty as the ocean or kill lawn as it spills out of the pool. The concentration of the salinity of the pool water is not as much as you would find in the ocean. It is not harmful to grass or other plants or flowers around the structure.