What is a Semi-Inground Pool?

A pool that is halfway buried into the ground is called a semi-inground pool. Choosing to have a semi-inground pool is often necessary if your terrain is not suitable for above-ground and inground pool. Semi-inground pools are available in various shapes such as rectangular and oval. Albeit, semi-inground pools are more expensive compared to inground pools, there are benefits in having a semi-inground compared to having inground or above ground pools.


Semi-inground pools are cleaner compared to inground pools due to the fact that semi-inground pools are raised rather than at level with the ground. This prevents animals and insects from getting into your pool. Semi-inground pools are made of no-weld walls making it highly resistant to corrosion. Lastly, you can install semi in-ground pools regardless of the type of terrain your backyard has.

Ideal Location

A semi-inground pool is an ideal pool option for those who have a sloping backyard. Like any other pools, choose a location away from power lines and underground pipes or cables. Also, choose location accessible for the water pump that you need in filling and emptying your semi-inground pool with water.