What is a Snow Melt Cable?

A snow melt cable is a heated cable that helps to prevent some of the dangers associated with the accumulation of ice and snow on surfaces. The snow melt cable generally uses electricity to heat the surrounding area just enough to melt snow or ice without becoming a fire hazard. 

Melt cables are common for roofing and other exterior areas of a property. They are often installed to cut down on the emergence of icicles and other frozen formations that can cause dangerous situations if they suddenly break off from a roof or other area. Homeowners and others can get snow melt cables in a variety of lengths and sizes.

Snow Melt Kits

Snow melt kits help with installation and maintenance. These kits often include power connection components for hooking snow melt cables up to an electrical grid. Some of these systems require caution stickers or other labeling according to a building code. They may also include clips to keep snow melt cables neatly in place. Anyone who owns a property in a region with a high volume of frozen precipitation can consider snow melt cable sets for helping to reduce the effects of snow and ice on the exterior of a home or other building.