What is AA Plywood?

There are different grades of plywood depending on the composition and quality of the materials used. The grading of “AA” on plywood denotes that it is the highest grade.

This high grade of plywood is commonly used for furniture, cabinetry, architectural paneling or molding where the appearance is the most important factor. In some species of wood, this grade may not be available due to this reason.

Grading Criteria Standards

The quality criteria for grading plywood are determined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This criterion is also used for determining types of hardwood plywood.

The purpose of the grading system is to give distributors, manufacturers, general contractors, carpenters, architects and do it yourself enthusiasts commonly understood parameters that define the composition and quality of the materials that comprise the plywood.

Subjective System

Each plywood grade can vary within the grade due to the wide differences in the natural characteristics of different wood species. These differences include the grain and color of the wood.

Another reason is that hardwood plywood grading is on an aesthetic basis, making grading subjective from grader to grader. However, a general rule of thumb is the lesser the defects the higher the grade will be.