What is AC Plywood?

Stack of plywood sheets
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-200

AC plywood is something you may find yourself needing from time to time. Understanding the different types of plywood will help you to get the right type for the right job.


To be able to visually recognize AC plywood, you will notice it is rough on one side and smooth on the other. One side has been completely sanded and has “footballs” or types of plugs. These are where knots used to be in the wood. The other side of the wood is left completely untouched.

Wood Type

cutting plywood with a circular saw

Typically, the type of wood that AC plywood is made of is fir or pine plywood. It is usually a top-grade type of plywood and is very durable and sturdy. This type of plywood will most often cost you a little bit more than the other kinds but will last you for a very long time.


The uses for this type of wood are usually where only one side needs to be finished. This goes for desks or tables or bookcase backs. It is also sometimes used as the layer that is right below flooring.