What is Acrylic Resin?

Acrylic resin refers to the group of related thermoplastic materials that are derived from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and other similar compounds. The material, created from thermoplastic acrylic mixture, is known to have high impact, heat and UV resistance. The range of products that contain acrylic resins is diverse and outstanding when it comes to durability.


When compared to other resins, acrylic adhesives are fast setting, environmentally-resistant and superior to non-acrylic ones. They are strong enough for use in construction. Acrylic casting resin is a pourable compound and hence is used for casting of parts and making molds. Harder forms of acrylic resins are made by processing with certain polymers.


Acrylic resins are commonly used in aquarium windows, bathtub liners and cellular phone display screens. They are also used to make acrylic paint, which is preferred by many artists. Acrylic resins are used in products that require durability as well as flexibility such as masks, tires and so on. In recent time, these have become very popular in various modern fields such as health and medical product, electronic productions, automotive and appliance manufacturing. Some lighter version of these resins are used for household needs as well.