What Is African Violet Soil?

African violet soil can be purchased at the local garden center, or you can make your own organically. It is a rich, dark soil, high in nutrients but low in acidity. Many home gardeners prefer African violet soil to start cuttings or for other semi-sensitive plants because it is so well balanced.

African Violet Roots

Soil for African violet roots needs to be light and porous. It shouldn't contain excess moisture and should have a pH content of 5.8 to 6.2, slightly below the ideal acidic content for any fertile soil. Fill pots or planters with African violet soil and plant flower seeds, moistening the soil with water. The fluffy, potting soil-like texture of the soil is perfect for encouraging seed germination.

Why is African Violet Soil So Popular?

While it is not strictly a fertilizer, African violet soil is high in plant nutrients and minerals. This makes it perfect for planters and pots, and an excellent starter soil for transplants, giving them a nutritional edge until the roots have had a chance to get re-established. A window planter filled with this soil is a convenient place to grow fresh herbs, as most will do very well in African violet soil.