What Is an Organic Algae Killer?

Homeowners with outdoor surfaces such as decks, walks and porches where moss or algae grow are often looking for an algae killer that will rid them of these growing annoyances. Many of these property owners are concerned about using chemicals that can damage the environment. If you want to kill moss or algae with an organic algae killer, here are several tips that will help you better understand these organic remedies.

Tip 1 – Safety of Organic Algae Killers

Commercial moss and algae killers with ingredients such as fatty acids, herbal soaps, and potassium salts, will kill annoying moss by drying out the algae, without damaging surfaces such as these below:

  • Roofs
  • Sidewalks
  • Benches
  • Hardened tree bark
  • Lawns

Tip 2 – Benefits of Using Organic Moss Killers

Besides the obvious advantages of protecting the environment, other benefits you can look forward to in using organic moss and algae killers include reducing costs and preserving valuable minerals in your soil.

Tip 3 – Differences Between "Organic" and "Natural" Products

True organic products and procedures must be certified as "organic" by certain non-profit organizations such as the NOP (National Organic Program), a federal agency administered by the USDA that has created a list of products and materials approved and labeled as organic.