What is Blueboard?

Blueboard is basically a form of drywall. There are quite a few different types of drywall around these days and people can get easily confused between the differences and uses.


If you are remodeling the interior of your home and wondering whether you should use a specific type of drywall take a look in your local DIY store and check out the differences before you purchase. Blueboard has been specially treated for a faster setting time for the gypsum, so you need to work at faster speeds than you would if you were using regular drywall.

How Does Blueboard Differ From Drywall

You can use blueboard in place of drywall, but blueboard will not have the very slightly tapered edges that are associated with regular drywall. It is flat and therefore you cannot use the same sort of tape that you would use to seal the seams between the joins. Drywall has a papered surface which will accept paint or wallpaper straight away.

With blueboard, however, the paper surface is more absorbed and the result is that it must be coated with a plaster skim to get the maximum benefit. The coating that blueboard has is not resistant to water unless it has been coated with a plaster skim. Homeowners might choose blueboard over drywall because of its characteristics. Plastering over the board offers another layer of protection and insulation.