What Is Brick Mortar?

A brick mortar is used in various residential and industrial construction projects that involve bricks. Brick mortar is used to bond two or more bricks together. The better the brick mortar is, the longer a brick wall, floor or patio lasts.

Types of Brick Mortars

There are three types of brick mortars – the Type N, Type S and Type M. Type S is ideal for outdoor construction such as patios, retaining walls and foundations because of its impact resistance. Type M is the strongest type of brick mortar and is used load bearing structures. Type N is a medium strength brick mortar ideally used in chimneys and garden walls. It is the easiest type of brick mortar to use and it is preferred by most do-it-yourself-ers.

Brick Mortar Composition

Although there are various types of brick mortars that you can choose to bond your bricks together, a brick mortar is basically made by mixing Portland cement, water and sand. The softness and hardness of the brick mortar can be adjusted by either adding more or adding less Portland cement.