What Is Chipboard?

Chipboard, which is also called particle board in some places, is a kind of soft wooden type product that is made from various pressed materials. Chipboard can be made from reclaimed paper, sawdust or other ingredients.

About Chipboard

The chipboard or particle board product is not generally very durable, but it does have some common uses in a lot of different consumer products. Those manufacturing products with chipboard often cover it with a veneer that has the hard property that consumers associate with wood, as well as a synthetic wood grain appearance.Besides providing an attractive surface, the veneer also help shield the chipboard from moisture. The chipboard or particle board product is vulnerable to swelling and discoloration when exposed to moisture.

History of Chipboard

Chipboard can be used for furniture or other retail products. It developed as an alternative to plywood. Today, chipboard or particle board has become associated with low value, but in the times when this product was first manufactured, it was often more expensive than similar wooden installations.

New engineering has produced lots of improvements in the durability of particle board and the efficiency of manufacturing this product to provide companies like Ikea and similar retail outlets with furniture and goods for the consumer market.