What is Egress and Ingress?

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Egress and ingress are legal terms used in real estate and property law. In short, they mean the right to leave and right to enter a property, respectively, whether an owned property or a rental, occupied or vacant. While the term ‘egress’ is used in home construction and remodeling to mean the ability to exit a home in the event of an emergency, when used with ‘ingress’, it takes on a legal definition.

Egress and Ingress

These terms refer to the right to enter and exit a property, often involving shared driveways and roads that may cross into another property. The legal rights provide clear notice as to who can use what. Egress and ingress rights are found in details of the easement for a particular property. A property easement is a legally-binding document that describes the rights of use to a property. It often includes the right to enter and exit.

Common Easement Issue

A fairly common instance of egress and ingress occurs when two homes share a single driveway. Both parties have legal right to the driveway to enter and exit their garages or parking areas.