What is Fire Rock?

Fire rock is a combination of volcanic materials including pumice that is used in the construction of better heat efficient fireplaces. Unlike a mortar and brick type of fireplace that absorbs heat, one built from fire rock, or fire brick, will reflect heat back. Additionally, the material composition allows for quicker construction—sometimes half the time required for a traditional fireplace.

Traditional versus Fire Rock

Traditional fireplaces, while often exquisite works of art displaying the advanced skills of a master stone mason, are subject to the laws of physics. The brick and mortar construction while absorbing heat will contract and expand. Temperature fluctuations will, in time, present some material breakdown requiring costly repairs. Fire rock fireplaces last longer than regular ones because they reflect heat and experience no structural fluctuations. Additionally, these types are about half the cost of a traditional one.

Construction Considerations

Fire rock fireplaces need the same support systems as traditional fireplaces including a properly installed chimney to vent combusted air to the exterior.  The base must be made from non-combustible materials. Due to its compound properties, a fire rock fireplace can accommodate a number of different veneers so you can give it quite the natural stone look.

Fire rock is also a popular choice for an outdoor fire pit.