What Is Flexible Molding?

Flexible molding is an easy to work with, durable alternative to wood molding. Flexible molding is made from a compound polymer resin, which allows it to be moved and bent without splintering. Depending on your need; you can choose from grades that are quite flexible to others which are more rigid.


Flexible molding is an excellent choice for such things as arched windows or doorway trim, ceiling medallions, chair rails, bent cornice and curved baseboards. Anywhere a curve or bend is needed for the aesthetic value. It also resists wear, mildew, splitting and warping making it is an excellent choice for outdoor use. Flexible molding should be used sparingly; as it is more expensive than wood molding. Although much less labor intense for finishing than wood; flexible molding requires little or no need to cut and fill rounded walls.


Most manufacturers recommend you use a light adhesive along with pre-drilling the finishing nail holes to insure proper alignment.

Other Advantages

Flexible molding is not as porous as wood, therefore, no need to prime the surface before applying paint, stain or sealant. It is produced with a white, dull finish creating a perfect base for your selected finish.