What Is The Grandmillennial Home Decor Trend?

floral wall with gray sofa and wicker table

You may have noticed a new home decor trend that has really blown up. Grandmillennial decor has become more and more prevalent on Instagram and is popping up all over the place. While many have seen the phrase, they may not understand what this trend actually is.

Grandmillennial Trend Explained

In recent years, home trends have been all about neutral tones and clean palettes. However, the grandmillennial home decor trend is quite the departure from these recent trends. This hot new style is actually quite old, bringing nostalgia to home decor.

From ruffled linens to needlepoint pillows, millennial traditionalists are decorating their homes in the style that their grandmothers likely did (or do). This trend features vintage furniture and accents, blue and white ceramics, patterned wallpaper, and floral elements.

The term “grandmillennial” can be attributed to “House Beautiful’s” Emma Bazilia, who coined the term. This style goes less for the defined lines and sleek surfaces that makeup midcentury modern and more for homey and nostalgic pieces with a more modern spin.

In short, this trend can be explained as a fresh and more sophisticated spin on all Grandma’s favorite home pieces. This trend is said to honor the past while celebrating the craftsmanship of these pieces in an un-ironic way. Lovers and practitioners of the grandmillennial trend are said to be millennials who love design and decor who are looking to emotionally connect to the interior design that makes up their home.

rose wallpaper or fabric print

How to Implement the Trend

Implementing the grandmillennial home decor trend is something that can be done gradually over time as you’ll want to carefully curate the pieces that you’re adding to your home to adhere to this style. There are a few easy ways to begin adding it into the style of your home. First, adding floral, brightly colored wallpaper to your living space is a good place to start. Next, wicker furniture pieces are totally on trend. This could be in the form of a coffee table, an end table, or an accent chair.

Another way to add to this design style is to add a ceramic, blue and white patterned lamp to an end table. Further accent the room with an ornate gold mirror on the wall as well as boldly patterned throw pillows on the couch. The key to flawlessly implementing this style is to remember that it’s meant to be your grandmother’s traditional style with a modern twist, meaning that it’s modern and avoids being stuffy.

Feel free to mix patterns, colors, textures, and materials. Get creative, especially when it comes to decor, and use some trial and error to find what works for you and your space.

Where to Find Grandmillennial Decor Items

elegant vintage furniture

Part of the fun of styling your home in line with the grandmillennial trend is finding the pieces that go with it. The hunt for the perfect items usually looks different than going to a regular furniture store or website and may require a bit more patience. Investing in vintage pieces for your home - whether they be accents, servware kitchen pieces, or furniture - is a great way to embrace this trend. You can find pieces like these on sites like Etsy, Ebay, or even Auction Ninja (and usually for a steal!). Estate sales are another place to look for these items.

Finally, there are quite a few Instagram accounts dedicated to scouring estate sales and vintage stores and then reselling these carefully curated pieces to their followers. Accounts like @grandmillennialshop, @era_living or @the.vintageswan are all great places to start. The excitement of seeing something you love pop up on your Instagram feed is half the fun!

The fact that this trend encourages its practitioners to source vintage decor is more wallet friendly as well as good for the planet. Opt to upcycle an older and perhaps imperfect piece found at an estate sale rather than buying new. Once you get the item home, you can always rehab it and doll it up easily with sandpaper and paint.

The grandmillennial trend certainly isn’t for everyone, but if it strikes your fancy, it’s a fun way to add some flair and personality to your home.