What is Granite Paint?

A kitchen with granite.

Granite paint offers homeowners the opportunity to significantly change the look of any room. Kitchen countertops are the most popular surface to redecorate with granite paint. Walls, furniture, and art projects can also be changed dramatically using granite paint. Several specialized granite paint products are available depending on the type of project and surface.

Granite Paint for Countertops

Many homeowners are overwhelmed at the thought of budgeting for new granite countertops when updating their kitchens. Granite paint is a budget-friendly option for kitchen updates and can completely transform the look of solid surface, butcher block, and Formica countertops. Specialty painting kits with detailed instructions and tools allow homeowners to choose and customize the color and look of the “granite”.

Granite Paint for Walls & Other Projects

Applying a faux granite or stone finish is a popular method to update and decorate walls and furniture. Most home improvement stores sell specialty granite flakes that are added to a base paint color. The paint is applied to walls and furniture using the same methods as traditional paint. The flakes add a sparkle effect and give the finished surface a faux granite look.

Faux Granite Spray Paint

For small art projects and crafts, faux granite spray paint offers users a quick and easy way to create a beautiful finish. Granite spray paints are sold in most paint and home improvement stores and are available in a wide variety of colors and stone finishes.