What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method of cleaning the sewer pipes using highly pressurized water. The jet of water coming out of a hose is strong enough to clear any dirt, grime and debris in the sewer lines.

Hydro Jet Components

A hydro jet system is composed of a large water tank mounted at the back of a truck, a specialized hose that can withstand highly pressurized water, a tensile-strength nozzle and a vacuum pump that is responsible for pressurizing the water.

Hydro Jetting Procedure

Hydro jetting is done by inserting the specialized hose inside a cleanout. A cleanout is an opening in the plumbing system that gives plumbers access to the sewer pipes for cleaning and repairs. The hose is then activated to allow highly-pressurized water to wash away any dirt and debris found in the sewer pipes. The pressure of the water coming out from a hydro jet can reach up to 3,500 psi which makes it an ideal method in removing even the most stubborn dirt such as tree roots. Hydro jetters can clean several hundred feet of sewer pipe.

Aside from cleaning the pipe sewers, hydro jetting is also applied before pipe lining to make sure that the epoxy resin lining used to hold two sewer pipes together is properly set.