What Is Shabby Chic Design?

The shabby chic design of interior decorating is a technique inspired by old British countryside. It recalls an old country home where furnishings are of good quality but showing the wear and tear of their age.

Shabby Chic Fabric

Shabby chic fabrics are usually linen or cotton in white or pastel shades. Patterns are usually floral, especially roses. Achieve a worn look on curtains and slipcovers by bleaching them lightly or using a tea stain to give them a well used appearance.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Furniture in a shabby chic design has an antique look that shows many layers of paint, often in white or pastel colors. Natural wear shows on the corners and edges of the wood. Good quality garage sale furniture is a great place to start looking.

You can also achieve the shabby chic look with new furniture by painting it, then rubbing off areas of the paint where natural wear would occur. This allows the base coat to show through in spots.

Sanding the wood at corners and edges can also be done to show wear patterns. Sand some spots lightly to let layers show, and other spots can be sanded all the way to the bare wood.

The goal of shabby chic is to achieve a pattern of natural wear.