What is the Average Cost of Professional Lowering Springs Installation?

If you need your lowering springs installed by a professional, then you will have a number of costs which will all need to be accounted for before you can go ahead and have your lowering springs fitted. Many people consider installing the springs themselves because they find the additional cost of a professional too expensive. Calculating this cost before you go any further can help you to get the best out of your products.

Cost of Springs

The first cost you will need to work out is the price of the springs themselves. These are not cheap if you purchase them from the manufacturer, well over $100, and even if you go online, and look for second or third hand sellers, you will be lucky if you can find something below a hundred.

Professional Services

The assistance of a professional will cost you a good deal as well. If you are paying $150 for your springs, then expect to see around the same cost again for the installation. This will include alignment, which can be the most difficult part of fitting the car, and also the tax costs of the work. Don't forget that you are not only paying for labor, but taxation on any work done, which will make the cost around $350 to $410.