What Is the Best Floor Transition for Vinyl Tile and Ceramic Tile?

Whenever one type of floor meets another type of flooring, a floor transition is required to go between them. This is because different types of flooring often meet at different height levels, creating an awkward transition. Transition products come in many different types, good for transitioning between many floors, like ceramic and vinyl tile. They are especially made for various flooring needs:


You can use gripstrip when tile meets other floor coverings. It will create a connection that looks nice while providing a safe transition between different types of flooring. It is touted as easy to install. It comes in silver, chrome and gold finishes.

Floor Edge Strip

A floor edge strip will not only create a smooth transition between two types of flooring but it protects your flooring against any cracks, chips or blows.

Tile Trim

Tile trim comes in an array of materials and looks. Like floor edge strips, it protects the tile from cracks or chips. It is durable and has a rounded and smooth edge. You can choose yours depending on the thickness of the tile you are using. It is available in 6 mm, 9 mm or 12.5 mm.