What Is the Best Material to Use for Horse Corral Panels?

Choosing materials for your horse corral panels can be quite a challenge. The materials of your horse corral panels may differ depending on whether you want a fixed or movable structure.

Fixed Horse Corral Panels

Stationary hose corrals are meant to handle tough situations so it is important to use strong and durable materials. These types of horse corral may be made of steel or hardwood panels. Wooden heavy duty corral panels should have straight end posts with two exterior side braces on each post to ensure stability. Corral panels made of steel should have continuous and smooth pipe bars to protect the horse from injuries. Walkthrough panels should be wide and high enough to let the horse and rider pass through comfortably.

Movable Horse Corral Panels

Movable horse corral panels should be made of light-weight but durable materials like aluminum or steel tubing. Foldable horse corral panels that are made of aluminum materials are light and easy to install so they are ideal for traveling and for camping with your horse. On the other hand, detachable free standing steel horse corral panels made good temporary home for your horse.  

The aluminum or steel tubing must be UV stabilized to prevent cracks and chips when exposed to harsh conditions.