What is The Best Wallpaper Removal Product?

There are numerous products that can be used to remove wallpaper. While some wallpaper requires steam to loosen the adhesive bond it has with the wall, vinyl-based wallpapers can often be loosened by using a product that contains enzymes. Enzymes get into the adhesive, rehydrating them and making it easier to scrape or peel off the paper. 

Best Wallpaper Removal Products

With many wallpaper removal formulas and handy tools that make the job easier, a few manufacturers use enzymes in their product to help loosen the wallpaper from the wall. After you apply, let it sit on the walls for a few minutes. This gives the enzymes time to loosen the bonds at which point you can begin to peel and scrape the wallpaper away. 

There are also supplemental wallpaper removal products, like the scapers that make small tears in the wallpaper so the enzyme-based product can get behind the wallpaper. After you apply the product, the scraper helps you remove the loosened wallpaper from the walls. There are also designed to protect the walls from damage.

You have many options when looking for a wallpaper removal product, but the best products are the enzyme-based products that make the job easier.