What Is the Correct Toilet Flange Height?


Before you can understand how to correctly install a toilet flange, a brief explanation of what this vital toilet component does is in order. A toilet flange, sometimes referred to as a "closet flange" is the piece of the toilet upon which the toilet rests. Serves the dual purpose of supporting the toilet and connection it to not only the floor, but also the plumbing. Continuing reading for important advice on setting a toilet flange to the correct height.

The toilet flange height is very important because it will affect how the toilet connects onto the waste pipe. If the toilet flange pipe isn't perfectly level then this will cause the toilet to rock and it can possibly mean that it will leak. When installing the toilet flange you need to check that it's the correct height and is also perfectly level. If the toilet flange is at the incorrect height, it will cause problems with the toilet connecting onto the plumbing.

Ideal Height of Toilet Flange

The perfect height for the toilet flange is to be the same level as the finished floor. This can be difficult as you probably haven't laid your floor at the moment. Give some thought to the height of the finished floor and you should be able to work out how high it needs to be. If it's a little too low, then this probably won't be an issue.


If the toilet flange is too high then there is very little that you can do and it's likely that this will cause problems for your plumbing; however, if you are working with PVC pipe then it is normally possible to cut this off so that it is flush with the flooring. You can also use adjusters to raise the height of the toilet flange if required.